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Severe Head Injury: Principles of management

Severe Head Injury by Dr Deepak Agrawal Neurosurgeon (AIIMS)

Serious head injury. How can it be defended? Could it be dangerous for us? Have all of these questions been answered even today? WATCH THIS VIDEO: Deepak Agarwal, a well-known of AIIMS, has said something about a serious head injury.

Video Content

00:00 Introduction
00:10 What is a severe head injury?
01:20 What a secondary brain injury is?
02:10 What are the principles of management?
03:08 What is the vasodilator?
04:34 What is the outcome of these patients?
05:05 What is the vegetative state?
05:59 What is the long term outcome?

From TV Health

Severe Head injury is patients having a head injury that is very severe.

There are three grades of head injury-mild, moderate and then severe based on a grading system called Glasgow coma scale or GCS. So without going into technicalities, what is important to remember is that you should always be aware of the GCS of a patient while communicating to a doctor for a second opinion.

So what are the aims or objectives in managing head injuries, especially severe head injuries?

What happens at the time of impact in that very nanosecond that cannot be changed because brain cells or neurons are the only cells in the body which do not regenerate. So whatever cell dies, dies forever and that is the reason any injury to the brain leads to irreversible loss to some part of the brain.

Full Article: Severe Head Injury by Dr Deepak Agrawal Neurosurgeon (AIIMS) at TV Health

About Dr Deepak Agrawal

Deepak Agrawal born 10 November 1970, is a professor neurosurgery at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi is one of the top 10 surgeons in the neurosurgery. During his stint as chairman computarization, he transformed the ICT processes at AIIMS, New Delhi and also helped patients in All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi to get a Unique Health Identification (UHID), which documents their entire journey in the hospital. He also pioneered stem cell research in Spinal cord injury in India. Dr. Agrawal has pioneered DREZotomy technique for neuropathic pain in India and has refined the procedure to make it safer and more accessible to patients. [Wikipedia: Deepak Agrawal]