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Pregabalin and Gabapin Do the side effects justify its use (Prof Deepak Agrawal) | TV Health

Digitisation without data-entry in healthcare

सर की चोट कितने प्रकार की होती है? Dr Deepak Agarwal | New delhi AIIMS

Mobile CT in ED : The future of ED by Dr Deepak Agrawal (AIIMS)

HLF 2015 – Inaugural Session – Dr Deepak Agrawal,Chairman, Computerisation, AllMS

Dr. Deepak aggarwal, CEUTEH 2015

All you wanna know about Gamma Knife. Watch Dr Deepak Aggarwal giving away information about it.

Dr Deepak Agarwal at CRITIC 2017 about Innovation in Mechanical Ventilation

World’s smallest pocket ventilator

Dr. Deepak Aggarwal AIIMS,NewDelhi.developed a Ventilator at a size of a mobile phone.

Dr.Deepak Agrawal, Global Education Summit 2016

Dr.Deepak Agrawal, Global Education Summit 2016

CEUTEH 2017: Mobile CT; A Cost effective Solution

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Smart Healthcare Conclave 2016 – Dr Deepak Agarwal Chairman- Computerisation & IT, AIIMS, New Delhi

HLF 2015 – Interview – Dr Deepak Agrawal,Chairman, Computerisation, …